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Our Story

Generational Family-Owned Business

Farming is our family's thing.  For decades we've plowed land and tended animals.  At the age of 17, our father already knew that he would dedicate his life the same craft as his dad, so he took out a loan, moved into the country, and started to build a farm that now spans hundreds of acres.  

Growing up we spent time helping our dad, feeding calves, hauling buckets of corn and sorting animals.  As we grew up, got married and started our families, we all came back to the farm. 


After years of tending our herds, selling cattle by the whole, half, or quarter, we realized that we had an opportunity to support the farm and our community in a new way, and Fox Cattle Co. Meats was formed. 




Stu & Janie Fox

Stu and Janie are the fountain heads of Fox Cattle Company.  Both are the children of farmers; it's a lifestyle that they've always known and always loved.  They are high school sweethearts and had three daughters, Annie, Abbie and Maggie, and have been blessed with 11 grandchildren. 

Along the way they always made sure to set an example for their girls believing in hard work, dedication, loyalty, and faith.  

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