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Zac Ballard


Abbie and Zac got married in 2009. They have four boys, Clifford, Clark, Otto, and Royal.

Zac is our dad’s right hand man. He works daily on the farm doing all kinds of things. You never know where you will find Zac from day to day. He could be in a semi hauling grain, in a tractor moving bales, or in the shop fixing anything you can throw at him.

When he’s not at the farm he enjoys wrestling with his boys, working on his old car and bus(yes they’re making a Skoolie!) and watching movies with Abbie in his custom theater room.

Zac’s favorite thing on the farm is working with his brother-in-laws, sending them memes and videos from tik-tok.  He’s the king of sarcasm and is bound to make you laugh when you’re around him.

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